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Main Event Nov 30th | EXPO TLV | 08:30-15:00


Main Event Interactions

Spotlight Sessions

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From Here to There

Practical Applications of Data Portability in Healthcare

Connecting Growth Engines

HighTech to HealthTech

Behavioral Healthcare

Enhancing Cooperation with Treatment and Preventive Medicine Measures by Shaping Patient Behavior

Economic Impact

Assessing the Economic Impact of Innovation

Untapped Markets

Addressing Overlooked Areas in Healthcare

The ED of the Future

Workflows and Patient Experience in Emergency Settings

Enhancing Intra-Organizational

Growth in HealthTech

Interface and Interoperability

FHIR on the Spot

Bio Convergence National Plan

Realizing the Next Breakthroughs

Whats Next?

Health Innovation Golden Ticket Event

Not Your Everyday Partnership

Building Successful Partnerships in Non-Traditional Models

AI in Healthcare Services

Practical Applications and Regulation

Realizing Hybrid Care

Maximizing the Potential in Combined Healthcare Practices

Healthcare Industry 4.0

Logistics, Supply Chain, and Operations

Israeli Telemedicine Community

Accelerator Showcase Event

Spotlight Sessions

 Our Year-Long Partners

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